Flinders Lane Townsville

Flinders Lane   
At the Heart of Townsville

The Developer
   Martin Locke

Martin Locke is a respected Townsville business leader, award-winning builder, advocate for accessible construction practices and former professional Rugby League player.



Martin has lived in Townsville with his family since 1995 when, while working as a plumber in South-east Queensland, he was signed by the North Queensland Cowboys.

After playing and then working for the Cowboys for 10 years, in 2005 he decided to again pursue his passion for construction and ultimately started his own building company in 2010.

Having lived in Sydney, the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, Martin has chosen to live, invest and raise his family in Townsville for the past 25-years.

Flinders Lane is another example of his support of and commitment to the city of Townsville. Martin is passionate about creating a CBD experience that brings atmosphere and activity to the city and is committed to working together with other business operators and Townsville City Council to achieve that.

Flinders Lane is a shining example of how how the private and public sectors can combine to create great things.

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Inside upstairs building in Flinders Lane

- Over 800m2 of flexible tenancy space available with direct access to 500m2 of public parkland and seated amphitheatre

- Upto nine retail spaces between 70m2 and 250m2 spread over two levels

- All tenancies boast either balcony or laneway outdoor/dining space

- Premium spaces available with direct access from Flinders and Ogden Streets or direct access to public amphitheatre

- Accessible amenities and full security in the heart of Townsville's CBD



- With the vibe of an inner-city parkland the laneway provides a unique and unrivaled public space in Townsville's CBD

- Fully accessible from Flinders and Ogden streets with granite pavers, grass features and greenery, off-form concrete and timber seating

- Features a stage and public amphitheatre for artists and entertainers

- Varied height roof to provide weather protection, designed to allow for natural light and ventilation throughout

- Combining seamlessly with the existing City Lane Precinct to provide pedestrian access from the City through to the Bus Hub and the new Queensland Country Bank Stadium.

A City   
coming of age

Townsville is a regional city that is growing up

The focus has shifted to creating a transformed, connected, dynamic and modern city environment with plenty to offer locals and visitors alike.

Through the Townsville City Deal between the Townsville City Council and the Queensland and Federal Governments has set a 15-year commitment to plan and deliver transformative outcomes to Townsville and its residents.

Flinders Lane is one of the keystone developments as part of the Townsville2020 plan designed to boost the economy, benefit the local community and generate tourism.

Flinders Lane links in with the Townsville City Council Waterfront Priority Development Area which will link and activate the Townsville Stadium, through to the CBD and through to The Strand.

The Goal is to have 30,000 living and working in the CBD by 2030.


About Townsville

The largest city in Northern Australia
Population over 185,000
Expected to approach 300,000 over next 25 years
Major economic centre of North Queensland
Median age of residents 33 years
Idyllic weather – approx. 300 days of sunshine a year

Diverse Economy


Great Barrier Reef

Marine Science

City Lane

- The popular City Lane opened in 2015 as Townsville’s only boutique laneway dining precinct.

- It boasts 7 unique bars and eateries - a true culinary experience ranging from Korean, to Italian and American Style street food just to name a few.

- Flinders Lane has been designed to coexist seamlessly with City Lane with each to complement each other, creating a new combined retail and food & beverage destination in the CBD.


Queensland Country Bank Stadium

- Officially opened February 2020

- The venue for large events including concerts, athletics, rugby union and league 

- Stadium capacity 25,000

- Event buses will utilise the bus hub at Flinders Lane Ogden Street entrance

- North Queensland Toyota Cowboys home games from 2020

- In 2018, home games at the previous stadium attracted 212,763 people, equating to 17,750 per game.*


Be featured in Flinders Lane marketing activities. Tenant businesses will be permitted to utilise the established, dynamic Flinders Lane brand as a marketing/promotional tool